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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leap Day Roses

Meant to take a picture of these yesterday before they "peaked" but what the heck. With all the rain last week, these beauties (and two more beneath them that DID peak, showed up by the corner of my house. MENTALLY for me tomorrow spring starts. The rest of you can wait the extra 3 weeks!

I remember seeing a 60 minutes interview with Michhael Caine once. He was mentioning how much he enjoyed the California growing season. When he lived here he had the novel experience of visiting the garden shop about this time of year searching for spring bulbs and the like. He asked the nuseryman "when do I plant them?" And the guy said "when you get home" - which was a revelation to him.

Blogging will be a little light but I'll try and get at least a little something up at least every other day.


Stephen said...

As a contrast, here's Liza at her most excessively bizarre (this isn't recent, either, it dates from 1989):

To be fair, on the same album as the above extravaganza, she recorded one of her best vocal performances ever - best, in this case, because it's so simple and understated:

Adrienne said...

But you guys don't have lilacs. Must have my lilacs.

My uncle, a rosarian and developer of the Queen Elizabeth, Blaze, and Chrysler Imperial roses and many others, worked for 40 years to develop a lilac that did not need a winter period in order to bloom (and, of course still smelled good, etc He never made it.

When he hybridized Blaze we still lived in MN and we were testers for the rose before it was patented.

swissmiss said...

Oh my. You are making jealous. We are just getting to the freezing mark. Spring is my favorite season. When we lived in Seattle I REALLY loved it with all the flowers that came out so early...rhodies, tulips, crocus, etc. It's still dirty and dismal here :( However, I am *thinking* spring. Went to the home improvement store last night and they had bulbs out with some lawn mowers and patio furniture. Not too far away...

gemoftheocean said...

Stevie, you missed the thread ut I'll try and watch when I get a mo. I hope they're not truncated.

Adrienne: :-D What cool Roses your uncle worked developing. I love all the ones you mentioned, my mom had the green thumb in the family...the gene has almost entirely missed me. (I can "do" cactus. ;-D My favorite rose is the Double Delight. (-- essentially white roses with red edges.)

Swiss--hang in there not too much fav. season has always been spring. I'm thinking of the jacarands already and it's a good 2 months before I'll see them in their glory.

BTW, for any of you thinking of visiting San Diego, about 3 week of March throuhabout mid-May is often the nicest time to visit. [Try and avoid "May gray" and "June gloom" - it doesn't rain but the fog hangs around and doesn't really burn off til late morning and then the mists from the coast roll back in around 5. April is often picture perfect.

Anonymous said...

We still have snow on the ground--the sun makes an appearance once in a while for a few minutes--sheesh I need to move--roses already how amazingly lovely!

gemoftheocean said...

Tara, my mom loved it when we moved to California....she had a very green thumb. She loved to garden, and it was a real pleasure for her to have a virtual year round season with something....and you can pretty much grow roses all year round if you want to.


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