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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bring out your DEAD!!!!

....Drudgereport as of 8:04 Pacific Standard Time has it:

CLINTON 773,431 50%
OBAMA 754,381 49%

Team Clinnochio must have been working the graveyards overtime for that one. Whenever I look back on how many times I wanted to stab myself in the eyes over the despair in my own republican party's nomination process this year, I have only to gaze over at the jackass party and get some relief of a smile. The Hildabeast against "Hussein." Even yellow-dog democrats down in the Lone Star State have to be looking for the nearest rope.

There's a lot of folks that needs hangin'.

Virtual box of Cracker Jacks for anyone who knows what movie this still photo of
Ronaldus Magnus is from.


X said...



Marie said...

LOL @ Clinnochio Hahahhahaha!!!

You are a BLAST girl!!! ROFLOL!

I'm sick of the elections and I'm not Amerian..Goodness how do you stand it for sooooooooooo loooonggggggggg zzzzzz lol.

In fun

Marie lol

swissmiss said...

Just checking in with you and hoping all is well. My computer was down for about a week and see you haven't been blogging either. Sending some prayers your way since I get the impression you need them.

If only there was a time machine to get us past this election...

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks, Swissmiss -- just coming back on line myself after a hellish week! I'll be back to blogging regularly this week. Thanks for the prayers! I'm sure they helped me from killing about 4 people last week, including my best female friend! (who said to me in a moment of turmoil, whilst holding an empty cooke can..."do you recycle these?" I didn't quite say "recycle up your ....." but it was mighty close.... the exact words were "at a time like this you're asking me about recycling? Are you out of your ***king mind?"

I apologized. Eventually. She understood. It's a marvel I have any friends at all. :-D

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