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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is there no End to leftists European blindness and stupidity and hatred for Jews

Country A is minding it's own business, going to work, shopping, raising kids. Neighboring region B who wants to exterminate all of the populace of country A decides to lob rockets into them. Then the "brave men" of B hide behind the skirts and diapers of their own women and children. They are upset and cry crockodile tears when country A retaliates.

If it's any country but one, "normal" people are appalled that B started it.

But if course, if country A is Israel, then all the Jews in it are supposed to go "peacefully" to the gas chamber to finish off what Hitler didn't. There's even an idiot Cardinal who is crying that Gaza is "like a concentration camp." No, dear Cardinal Simpleton. In a real concentration camp, the inmates didn't start the hostilities.

Today there were thousands of demonstrators all across Europe, condeming Israel for retaliating. Now Israel didn't start off by attacking Gaza. No, it was terrorist Hamas who started this.

I am sickened by the left who all seem to think Israel should just be exterminated. And I'm sickened that some idiot Cardinal in the Vatican compared Gaza to a concentration camp. Really? Why isn't the place a parking lot. Remind me again who started this? Israel didn't wake up one morning and say "Let's kill innocent women and children."

But Hamas in Gaza DID. But to the left, it's all about "the evil Joooooooooooos."

Yep, Hamas lobs rockets into Israel, so *obviously* the solution is for brain dead LEFTIST Scotsmen to throw shoes at the US embassy. Yeah. That will solve things.

I'd disown any relative of mine that marched in favor of Hamas.


Mulier Fortis said...

I've given you an award HERE

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Dang, girl, you got spunk! I was reading the thread and nothing cracks me up more than when you refer to someone as, "Skippy."

Bottom line - HAMAS calls not for their own land but for the annihilation of the Jews worldwide. And they are to be "reasoned with?" I think not.

Roll on, Israel!

The Digital Hairshirt said...

BTW, you STILL haven't guessed the British comedy series for which "Songs of Love" was the theme song!

(Shakes head, sevreely disappointed)

gemoftheocean said...

digi, is there a link to the Layla version you refer to? And I love it on the post in question where someone was proud of her son in France who was "concerned enough about the Palestinian children" to march in a demonstration today. That really frosted me.

Funny, I missed all the European "protests" in the streets when Hamas lobbed those rockets unprovoked at ISRAELI women and children FIRST. They don't count.

That's why their BS doesn't fly with me "oh, it's just about stopping the aggression and against the violence." Those people who really think that are very naive at best, or outright liars who are afraid to own being anti-Semites.

Adrienne said...

I read close to two hundred Catholic blogs. Much easier now that my Google reader is up and running. I have been dismayed to see a number of them side with Hamas....

Anonymous said...

"Country A is minding it's own business," If only it were. This is a very very complex situation, and neither side is 'right'. However why during the recent lengthy ceasefire did Israel continue to blockade Gaza? They are trying to obliterate the community economically. It is equivalent to someone spitting at you in the street, and you going around with 10 mates and beating them to a bloody pulp in retaliation. Is that right? BOTH sides have to stand back here and look at themselves very very carefully.

Anonymous said...

There is simply no people in the world today whose killing on television screens seems to be considered by most American viewers to be acceptable as well-deserved punishment. This is the case with Palestinians whose daily loss of life is herded under the rubric "the violence on both sides," One scarcely knows which is more pernicious, the mentality that thinks of Palestinians as not entitled even to express a sense of injustice (they are too low a form for that) or the one that continues to plot their further enslavement.

Edward Said

Joe said...

I think it is possible to make a statement that the Israeli actions in attacking Gaza are morally wrong, without that at the same time being read as support for the Hamas actions.

And Cardinal Martino's words were, I believe, more balanced than the headline of comparing Gaza to a concentration camp suggest. As he subsequently observed, the conditions in Gaza are quite contrary to the human dignity of the civilian population there.

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