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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Favorite Rosary Meme

Mac tagged me on this the other day - didn't have a chance to do it then, and then I got sidetracked by evil communists plotting to take over the world and bland Christmas Carols. [Plus it took me a while to gather up those rosaries and get an in focus shot and photoshop the thing!]

This one's simple. Show your favorite three rosaries. You can say why they're your favorite. Tag three others.

The wooden one on the left is my everyday rosary right now. Its beads are olive wood. The beads have become lighter in color in the middle of the bead from use. It's very like the rosary my mother prayed with when I was little. I don't know where or when I acquired this one. It's not my mom's because that one had a slightly longer cross and the metal back holding the cross in had a slight bend this one doesn't have. Right now it's my "everyday" rosary.

The second rosary is one I got at the Vatican when I was nearing 22. It would have been blessed by Pope Paul VI, but he'd died earlier that month on Aug. 6th of 1978. My best friend from college, her elder sister and I were doing a "Grand Tour" of Europe that August after I'd graduated. Nothing fancy or overly expensive but very servicible. Sometimes I alternate using this one with the wooden one. The pope (Paul VI) would have blessed it, but he'd died earlier that month on Aug 6, 1978

Rosary number 3 has beautiful crystal beads including the 4 corners of the cross. I don't use it as often. It's very sturdy except for ONE link that keeps coming unhooked and I'm afraid to use needle nose pliers on it. I'm stubbornly Mac-like in refusing to use a simple small plastic or leather case. Yes. I know. It's a disease. No. I don't particularly want to be cured. Even I don't go in the deep dark corner of my mind why that one is. It just is.

The rosary belonged to my grandmother, and had been purchased for her by my mother on our first trip to Rome in Feb. of '74. This one was blessed by Paul VI. When she'd died her children decided it was sensible that each child would take back what they'd given her, then divvy up the rest. And when my mom died, I got this rosary, naturally, being the only child. [One advantage to that is NEVER having to argue over stuff like this. "Karen, you want this rosary? Why, yes, Karen, it's lovely. Of course, thank you."]

I have another small rosary I got in Rome the 1st time. Small, with crystal white beads. A little too small and delicate for everyday wear and tear. Mac has a beautiful blue rosary with beads in the shape of roses. I have one similar, except mine is red with a slightly different cross. It also tarnishes easily. It smells faintly of Roses.

I have a few others. One is my mom's pink crystal Rosary. Very pretty, but tarnishes easily.

And now for the lucky tags.

SwissMiss - Because. I've been so neglectful of her this fall.
Adrienne - because fall mulching all done, she's probably just sitting there up in Idaho making moonshine to sell on ebay, and pondering why it's so dark, and with luck, she'll tag Angela
Kit - because I bet she has some neat rosaries and this will set off a whole chain of Machiavellian tags and if my plan fails, will some of you people who say "Dammit, Karen, tag ME once and a while willya?" please do the meme and tell me, so that next time there's a meme I can tag you and then you'll say "Oh, well, yah, ya would tag me on THIS bloody meme...."

[Okay, Adrienne, tag Tara, then Tara tags Fr. Erik, and then we'll find out if his beads are made of shell casings.
Mac, it's not "revenge" if you like the meme, and what self-respecting Catholic doesn't like rosaries? :-D ]


Adrienne said...

I can do that. I'm sure they're shell casings (unspent) meaning he's always ready.

And, good Lord above, we don't want Angela having a meltdown. Such an ugly sight...

Mulier Fortis said...

Very interesting, Karen... and well worth waiting for!

gemoftheocean said...

Sorry it took so long. My camera wasn't cooperating. For whatever reason I just couldn't focus right to save my soul. Then when I did I didn't have time to edit the photo. And then when I was typing up the text blogspot ate it and then I had to remember what I said.

Anonymous said...

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From what I heard on the samples site, they sound really good.

Introducing the new Christian National Anthem: Guns & Jesus.

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