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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Carols to fall Asleep by!

We'RE NUMBER ONE!!! We're NUMBER ONE!!!!! USA!!! USA!!! (oops, sorry, got carried away there....) Last night my parish threw a Christmas party. As part of the festivities the choir managed to string together quite a number of bland, same rhthym, similar sappy sentiment songs that I'd never heard. There must have been a good six in a row. I didn't think it possible but it was!!!! TEAM. TEAM. TEAM. [I'd have gone out for a ciggie, but I a) don't smoke b) would have been mighty conspicuous getting up from the 2nd pew in the church mid-concert.) [okay, I'm being mean. They did some nice songs too. But jeez, LaWeezie. Whatever "praise" books you found those thangs in, please deposit those "Christmas Carols" in the nearest bin! Pronto! As in "Hasta la Bye-Bye."]


PJA said...

Praise the Lord, sister! I'm-a-waitin' here for the Rapture.

You wouldn't think they were Catholics with twaddle like that.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, Phil, it was DISMAL I tell you. Disappointment abounded in the depths of my soul. I just gave "polite applause" and didn't not give it the CATS-like standing applause it got.

Why oh why. No charming *other* tempos/sentiments. I have YET to hear a live "Once in Royal David's city" for instance. It just isn't done here, and you have all the luck!

Good King Wenceslaus. I was secretly delighted however, when they sang Silent Night with a different musical setting. Again, one which I've never heard. But as I've always hated that song anyway... if I was suffering...misery loves company! :-D Though I'm sure no one breathed a word... perhaps some delighted. I couldn't tell. They're probably just better actors and actresses than I am.

Can I go along with you on that Rapture ride. I can use an "E-Ticket" ride about now.

Posada tonight. The probably largely Protestant chamber of commerce in Old Town probably won't go for the mush carols - so we'll probably get something a little more varied and enervating. "Grandma Got Run OVer by a Reindeer." [Don't ask if it hasn't made those shores....though I have to say it "Grows on you" not unlike Jingle Bell Rock or forSureforSure Cheech and Chong "pacoima." [stop laughing, Digi, "Pacoima" is funny.]

Stephen said...

You think listening to that stuff is bad, you want to try singing it. You only had to hear it once. Those poor choristers had been rehearsing it for weeks.

gemoftheocean said...

Stephen, point taken. It's a miracle they didn't kill the choir director.

In 8th grade, I was in the school choir. Early Sept. we started rehearsing songs for the Christmas concert. At least we sang both sacred and secular songs we liked./ I can still remember all the words to "Silver Bells" for instance! I remember being slightly envious of the girl who got to ring the string of "Sleigh Bells" for "Sleigh Ride." Which with its bells and fun tune is probably my favorite secular Christmas song.

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