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Monday, December 1, 2008

I RULE - pop quiz - GIRM #279

Amongst the following four persons in my parish, who is the ONLY one that knows that the remainder of the Precious Blood should be consummed after Communion at the altar?

Would that be:

A. the Pastor
B. the Pastor Emeritus (who really should know better, A being ordained in the Hippy days]
C. the Deacon (who trains all the other deacons in the diocese)
D. Me, the Server

If you said "D" "Why, Karen, of course, because she is persnkicity such things as the Eucharist and would certain have read and fully understood the import of GIRM @279. i.e. " then give yourself a cigar or a kewpie doll as you feel so inclined.

"279. The sacred vessels are purified by the priest, the deacon, or an instituted acolyte afterCommunion or after Mass, insofar as possible at the credence table. The purification of thechalice is done with water alone or with wine and water, which is then drunk by whoever doesthe purification. The paten is usually wiped clean with the purificator. Care must be taken that whatever may remain of the Blood of Christ after the distribution ofCommunion is consumed immediately and completely at the altar. "

I may seem liberal in some ways: "Hell, no, I wouldn't be caught dead in a mantilla." But when it comes to wanting a valid AND licet Mass, I am hell on wheels.

I DO hope it comes to pass that women can become instituted acolytes, because frankly, I'm the only one who seems to give a flip about properly purifying the vessels as it is.

Give yourself a cigar or a kewpie doll if you got the right answer. And no, I'm in no mood to be triffled with.


PJA said...

It's the same this side of the pond.

Another thing that gets me is when EXTRAORDINARY Ministers of Holy Communion are carrying the chalice (or the ciborium) and then continue to bow at the altar, tabernacle, or whatever. They clearly have no idea what they're holding.

... AND ANOTHER THING, lay people can't give benediction (Holy Communion and the Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass, n. 91); so why are they allowed to bless those who come forward for a blessing during the Communion Rite? Personally, I'd rather have lay people confined to the chalice, but only when necessity dictates (and I include myself in this). It's a privilege, not a right!

Anonymous said...

Oy--You are not persnkicity--were talking about our Lord here! Good for you Karen--just keep reminding them!

gemoftheocean said...

Tara. I'm done "talking." It's "Uncle Guido" time. ;-D ?Ya know. Just him and da guys...killin' time. Hangin' down at the VFW ... need sumthin' new ta talk about.

"Den dere wuz dat job outtin Dago...just goes to show what a buncha Korean War vet old farts can do when they put their minds to it, what good's being a Marine if you can't bust some heads now and again. Ya know, ta keep in practise."

[Marines never "retire" once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine.]

Kit said...

I'm patting my own back...

EC Gefroh said...

I guessed correctly Karen ;-)

Sarah - Kala said...

I had no idea! But, I'm in a military chapel and you take what you can get, unfortunately. I'm a convert (1996) and I still am learning the ins and outs - of course I want to follow the proper form . . . but no one knows, is afraid to tell anyone in case they might offend them, or they don't care. It's all pretty sad. Now that I know this, I won't make the mistake of drinking what is left in the chalice as I had been taught/seen . . . I'm so embarrassed!

gemoftheocean said...

Journey, you *can* finish it from the chalice. Priest/Deacon gets first offer then can offer it to you. If the priest/deacon drank *everything* in those chalices he could potentially be DUI Material (though granted, usually not that much remains - but sometimes there's quite a bit!)

Just do it at the altar!!!

The main thing I'm talking about is when the Precious Blood gets taken to the Credence table and just SITS!!!! until after Mass.

In my eyes it's not even so bad if the PB is consumed at the Credence table, as long as ALL of it gets consummed right away! But you'd always "Be right" if you put it on the altar and waited for the brain dead deacon/priest to say "oh" "wait" "yes, this is to be consummed NOW. HERE."

The Digital Hairshirt said...

At Mass this past Sunday, our parochial vicar preached "Stay awake! Be alert!!"

As we finished the Mass, I recessed out with him as the Lector. Reaching the back of the Church, I said, "'Stayawake?' 'Be alert, eh?' What did you forget?" He looked at me and I said, "Those chalices ain't gonna clean themselves . . ." "Oh my God!" he said, and clapped his hand over his mouth.

He ran back and finished the job . . .

Sarah - Kala said...

The EME's finish where they distribute (either side off the altar). We've been instructed to finish the PB because of what you have stated (DUI material). Now I know it must be consumed as stated in the GIRM, I'm good with that. I appreciate the heads up about this, though. I want to do it right or not at all, quite frankly. Uff dah, huh?

Terry Nelson said...

"Hell, no, I wouldn't be caught dead in a mantilla." ROFLMAO!

Good for you! My kind of gal.

gemoftheocean said...

Terry, I think it comes from women my age being saddled with the cultural baggage of having to bobby pin a freakin' Kleenex to your head if you were stuck not having a hat/etc. Put me off hats in church for life. Although I suppose it probably WOULD be fun to go to a TLM and be met by glares of the army of mantilla ladies. I can always whip out my "Bring in the noise, bring in the Funk" hat from the ambassador theatre - or my "Walnut street theatre" at with the logo on it - a little mroe discreet.

Truth...sometimes the Girm can come off as a bunch of fusty old biddes and gentlemen...but it's nice to know what the actual rule is though. I take anything to do with the handling/distribution of the Eucharist ultra seriously though. Some things can be relatively small potatoes - butI think one should be concious of what the norm is. *too* many things out of joint, even slightly, then you start descending into the "well, this is a slopily done Mass" realm. And that should be avoided. Certain of our lectors come up to the Ambo, which about 5 feet in front of and two feet to the right of (as you face the congregation) of the tabernacle. It irritates no end when a few weasels go up and back without a head bow. That sort of thing. Especially when they pass right in front of it.

Digi, good for you! I like to play "EM." Pastor Emeritus was gropping to remember the name of the person the Mass was offered for. I was close enough for the good Father to hear without everyone else hearing my prompt.

The delightful thing is no one knows I'm "playing" MC except me. [Well, I guess the retired Fr. M. realized it on the occassion I kept him straight one Holy Thursday when he almost forgot the prayer of the faithful. He gave me a verbal "thanks for the MC" help and we both laughed.

And Phil. That is also a big irritant when those holding chalice/ciborium suddenly go brain dead and forget what they have in their own hands! I have to say I personally find the Communion Cup a tad trickier to handle, just because the other person involved may also mess up. Haven't had a mishap. Yet. I know *what* to do, but hope I never have to do it!

I honestly think they must not give enough practical advise when they train the Lectors and EMs.

I *HATE* it when people (women seem afflicted by this, not men) lectors read with a breathy voice like they're reading to TWO year olds. There are two lectors who get inflicted on us time to time and I just want to strangle them.


Two words:

"Jury nullification."

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

If you're going to do anything, do it correctly :)...good job. I have my viewpoints...but whoever's at the altar better know the GIRM backwards and forwards...good job :)

gemoftheocean said...

I figure if I put it on the altar and if they "wave it away" then it's ON THEM. [Who consumes it at the credence table? Ends up being ME, because no one else is.]

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