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Monday, April 21, 2008

7 things about Meeeeeee

Marie Therese over at Aussie Coffee Shop tagged me on this one.

1. I have to burn slightly before I tan. I forgot the "slightly" part last week.

2. One of life's unsolved mysteries for me is: "Why do the British have their bathtub sides so damn high? Are they trying to kill off their Old Age Pensioners?" If you know, let me know.

3. I can't wear yellow. I've tried. Failed. Every. Single. Time. Why do I bother? Slow learner.

4. I have a harmonica. I play it. Can I play tunes on it? No. Why do I like to fool around with it? Because harmonicas sound cool. It's keyed in "G." It's a good one too. Hohner.

5. I'm always disappointed if icing on a cake is whipped cream instead of butter creme frosting. I always think "what were you thinking?!" but I'm too polite to say so.

6. I had a year of tap when I was 10. Should have continued, 'cuz I was pretty good! Everybody said. For real. We moved and I had a lot of "Extras" around that time. Scouts, music, swimming, etc. So I never had bothered to sign up after we moved. My loss!

7. If it's a choice of "odds or evens" I always pick odds.

I tag anyone who feels like playing. And I still have another meme to do that I was tagged with back in early April, so no, I haven't forgotten.


Therese said...

Yellow is my colour many people tell me but I am not that fond of it. I do have a yellow jumper that I use to wear a lot. It is too warn now so maybe I will have to sew myself a new one.

Thanks for the compliment and calling me Marie hee hee. We are both Aussie's but Marie posts at view from the pews.

Stephen said...

OK. 7 things about Meeeeeee:

1. I've had glasses since I was 15. Originally they were only supposed to be for reading/screen work etc, but these days I pretty much can't manage without them.

2. I'm not tidy. I am, however, clean. I'll live with a mess, but not with dirt.

3. I despise people who push in front in queues in shops and theatres (and if they do it to *me*, I don't let them get away with it. Ever.)

4. I actually like using public transportation. Most of the time.

5. I have one living grandparent - which, since I'm 35, I think is pretty good going. Unfortunately I also only have one living parent, but you can't have everything.

6. I don't want to be where I am at the moment.

7. I'm a good cook.

Re: frosting, incidentally, the best frosting for chocolate cake - according to my nephew, for whom I made this last week - involves melting Mars bars with a little heavy cream and whisking the resulting gloop until it's smooth.

gemoftheocean said...

Therese, yikes!!!! Monday post. Argh. It's a wonder I made it out of bed yesterday. Congrats on being able to wear yellow. It makes most of us look sallow! Many have tried, few succeeded.

Stephen. Ah-ha. See even you couldnt' tell me why the damn bathtubs are so high over there. Have you seen "Green Card?" :-D
I sleep on the side closest the door, and I never eat cream of wheat. On the weekend I flipped on some show that was showing the delights of stuff you are not supposed to have. They did restaurants. One of them was called "Chip shop" in Brooklyn, I think. The guy was from the UK and he did some cool concoction with Mars Bars, and he fried up a mean hostess twinkie in chip batter, then split in half and put on some sort of strawberry topping and powdered sugar. Wow.

Stephen said...

Deep-fried Mars Bars. Not something I've ever been moved to try - they're indigenous to chip shops in Scotland. Scotland, not coincidentally, has the highest heart attack rates in Europe. I have seen Nigella Lawson, on TV, deep-fry Bounty (coconut) bars in tempura batter more or less with a straight face, but I don't deep-fry anything.

Re: why our baths are so deep - it makes it so much easier to drown annoying relatives.

gemoftheocean said...

Stephen, mystery solved!!! I figured it was something like that.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about the burn!!

Anonymous said...

We Brits need our bathsides so high because are backsides are often so huge....well, mine is....i'm plump....when i get in the bath, in order to have at least some of the water covering my body i need high bathsides....when i stand up, there's actually only about 6 inches of water in the bath. Thank godness for high bathsides for we fatties!

gemoftheocean said...

Ukok, ;-D

A. Noël said...

Hello - found your blog when searching for blogs mentioning Therese of Lisieux. :)

7 things about Meeeeee:

1. St. Therese of Lisieux is my patron saint.

2. I'm not sure why British bathtubs' sides are so high. I can remember being there in the 70s and thinking, there must not be a water shortage.

3. I can wear yellow, if it's the right shade and I've had enough sleep.

4. I have a Hohner harmonica, too! It was my dad's.

5. I'm with you on butter creme frosting, but only if it's fresh, please, and with real butter. That said, I adore whipped cream in some cases. I don't suppose you've had one of those sponge cakes with strawberries and whipped cream from the Phoenix bakery in Chinatown, have you? Might change your mind ...

6. I can't dance, but I can sing.

7. I prefer even numbers.

7. I'm in the So Cal area, too - lifelong resident - but it looks like I'll be moving out of state in a year or two.

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