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Monday, April 21, 2008

1st Lesson in Mutually Assured Destruction

Our altar servers had their first lesson in "Mutually Assured Destruction" yesterday after Mass. Catherine and Francis alternate serving the 5:15 Sunday Mass. Last night after Mass I pulled the Easter Candle out of the stand so Catherine could blow it out.

Immediately, Francis had come up to the side of her and decided, that he too would like the visceral pleasure of blowing out the candle. Catherine and Francis then really took a quick inhale and expelled enough air to not only start a hurricane on the east coast ... BUT to also managed to blow the melted wax in such a way as to get each other's faces and hair spattered with wax. No mean feat, as they were standing almost next to each other when they did it rather than across from each other. Somehow they must have blown hard enough for the wax to hit the inside lip of the brass cachingadera opposite themselves and have the wax richochete[sp! - like I have the energy to look this word up] off back to them.

At 11 they are still going through the "hey, candles and fire are cool" stage, so for the heck of it I showed them after Mass the best way to light charcoal for the thurible. At 13 they'd be too jaded. I don't know if one ever gets over an "incense is cool" stage. Strike while the wax is hot.


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

What ever happened to candle sniffers? They totally avoid the wax splatter & the smoke curls are so cool!

gemoftheocean said...

God knows what happened to ours. I think the pastor ditched them or something. I don't know about that man. We used to have a very long one (the original I think) and then we had a short one, about 18 inches long, but it would have been long enough to do the job.

I think back in the day when there was carpet in the sanctuary the priests used to hate it when the kids would try and dunk the snuffer in the wax - they'd get it all over the carpet. Fr. A. used to hate when the kids did that.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

We have one of those snuffers with a little thingy for a wick to light the big six. It's bloomin' difficult to use though so inevitably the lads take the huge candles down and light them with a match.
And there seems to be a view they should be thourough with the thurible {cough,choke..tears in eyes] well, its fun!

gemoftheocean said...

Absolutely on the thurible being fun. The celebrant needs to assign the job of thurifer out especially, otherwise the kids would kill each other to get that job.

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