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Friday, March 20, 2009

6 AD

The Time: 6 A.D.
The Place: The Sea of Galilee
Dramatis Personae: Jesus, John, the future Baptist, Mary, and Joseph in a cameo appearance

Jesus: MARCO

John: Polo

Jesus: Mar-co

John: POLO, sheesh, are you DEAF?

Mary: Will you kids get out of the water? John, you're turning blue!

Jesus: Mahhhh-ahhhhhm!!! Do I have to, too? I don't even get waterlogged.

Mary: Yes, you're spooky. Dad wants to get the caravan packed, we're WAITING for you, young man.

Jesus: Yes, mother.

John: [sotto voce] You are *such* a goody-two-sandals.

Jesus: HEY, stop snapping your towel at my butt.

John: MAKE me.

Jesus: I *can* take you, if I felt like it.

John: You and what army?

Joseph: MOVE IT!!! You KNOW how backed up traffic got last year!


Anonymous said...

You have made my day, dear person!! I've no choice but to link to you ;o)

Keep it up. May the Faith be with you ~

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks Vicki!

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