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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clinton Boobocrats ride Again

Ha-ha-ha....The Zero Admin. just can't get down the basics of simple gift giving between nations. I especially love how we pay for real experts in the State department who actually know contemporary Russian, but the boobs from Clinton's personal team get their fingers in the gear box.

"The trip was marked by tussles over information and access, but it became known for a high-profile blunder in Geneva on March 6. There, Clinton met Sergei Lavrov, the dour Russian Foreign Minister, and cheerily presented him with a large red button in a yellow case, with the words “Reset” and “Peregruzka” written on it. “We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?” Clinton asked. “You got it wrong,” said Lavrov. The error appalled some in the State Department, because the button – which was inscribed in Latin script, not Cyrillic – hadn’t been assembled with the help of State’s cadre of Russian speakers and professional translators, but rather by Clinton’s small political team. The day of the event, people involved said, Reines showed the finished product to officials who spoke Russian, but who weren’t native, or up-to-date enough to catch the error in a word out of computer terminology.

One of those was the senior director for Russia at the National Security Council, Michael McFaul, a well-known Russia scholar. Three people familiar with the incident said that, in its aftermath, Reines sought to place public blame on McFaul, a former Stanford professor. Pressed Monday on the button incident, Reines denied that he’d ever blamed McFaul, and sent over a joking statement taking responsibility for the gaffe. “Ultimotely [sic], this was my soul [sic] risponsibility [sic], nobody else's in or out of the building. While the Russians laughed off the error and accepted the gift in the spirit of cooperation that it was meant, I've been sic [sic] about the mistake since, especially that I let down the Secretary and the fine professionals at the State Department,” he e-mailed."

Don't you love the spelling in the last paragraph by a member of the Clinnochio team? Everyone goofs up once in a while, but this is so laden with mistakes it's frightening. I'm sure he's making a lot more money than people who have the job of saying "You want fries with that?" Whole article here.


Adrienne said...

Typical public school educated moron

gemoftheocean said...

What was bad as so many in just a few sentences. And these were not exactly 10 dollar tricky words like
"obfuscate" "antidisestablishmentarianism" or even "bookkeeping." My favorite one was "sole" for "soul." Well, these people HAVE no "soul" so maybe he really was discussing fish.

X said...

The article says it was a "joking statement taking over responsibility for the gaffe." Looks like he meant to make those errors. (Egads - I am not defending him!!!)

gemoftheocean said...

Angela, I wouldn't put it past him to congratulate himself, either.

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