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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who Controls The Past, Controls The Future

There are too many born every minute

In Spain there was a man baptized in the Catholic church as an infant who has rejected the church. Well, that's his right. But does he wish to disassociate himself from the church by simply filing an official notification as the church provides for? No. He takes it upon himself, with the help of idiots in the Spanish court system, to require the Catholic church to destroy his baptismal record and expunge it from the church records. This is altering a historical fact. It is frightening that any government in a supposed democracy would viciously suppress the truth. You can read the full details on Paul's blog entry Thoughts of a Regular Guy: Who Controls The Past, Controls The Future.

One person who commented on his blog suggested that perhaps the church should comply by pasting the court order right to remove the record of the man's baptismal entry right over the baptismal record. There's something to be said for fighting fire with fire.

Apparently, Orwell's Animal Farm is not required reading in the Spanish schools. I do not know if reading that was ever a standard part of the Spanish secondary school curriculum. And I wonder if in the English speaking world this once commonly assigned work is still regularly read by students. The left has so destroyed and infected anything which smacks of development of ideals of western values. A chief value used to be "the objective truth." I wonder if the imbeciles who made this decision realize the extent to which they look like perfect jackasses. Some jackasses, of course, being more equal than others.

Perhaps it might be fun to find out more details of who, exactly, in the Spanish court system made this inane and dangerous decision. It might be fun to flood them with Spanish translation editions of Animal Farm.

How about it? Is reading Animal Farm still a commonly required assignment?


Anonymous said...

I love your award picture! Destroying a document of being baptized? How absurd--it happened--it's a done deal--if he has a problem with it, he should talk with his parents. Does he think that destroying the paper documentation will stop him being Baptized? It's a permanant indelible mark on the soul that can never be removed--no matter if all documentation is destroyed.

Just because he was baptized does not mean he has to live a Christian life--he can send himself to Hell with or without Baptism!

gemoftheocean said...

Agree. "Gina Statuatory" may as well insist that she is still a virgin - even after the wild night in the back seat of Jack Hotrod's car.

swissmiss said...

I saw this too. I don't understand how a church can be forced to do this since it would seem like their own private paperwork and documentation. If it was a civil thing, I could see him petitioning that, but them again, no civil authority is going to give in either. Plus, aren't most things like this on a ledger, not a stand-alone document?

Some day if I want to "undo" my marriage I'll have to remember this trick (kidding!!!)

gemoftheocean said...

It's religious persecution, is what it is. It should have been dismissed from the court, WITH PREJUDICE, if there is such a thing in Spain. [Meaning:
"Don't even THINK of coming back here with that lawsuit in a different guise, because we will nail you to the wall."]

Marie said...

I have seen the terrible fires in California. Are you safe Gem?

I will pray for you and all those who are at risk:).

God bless you & keep you safe.

Peace to you:)

Marie..PS. I hope you dont mind if I add you to my blog roll? At 'View from the Pews'. We have two blogs. Feel free to check out both. Take care.

gemoftheocean said...

Marie, of course you may add me. I was really stunned at the ill treatment you'd received - I consider it a miracle that you didn't walk out after that first RCIA meeting. The back county still has much to worry about, but other than the northern reaches of the city of San Diego we were spared. Many who had had to evacuate in the more populated areas of the county have been allowed back in their homes - but there are thousands waiting until the situation is safer .. the biggest worry right now is that two fires, the Witch and the fire up by Palomar Mountain will join - the Harris fire is also raging. The fire fighters got a lot of retardant out there today with the aircraft. But the hard work still has to be done on the ground - all they can do is set some backfires and pray a lot. So please keep us all in your prayers.

Mulier Fortis said...

I don't think Animal Farm can be on the UK school reading list any more... someone might just spot parallels with what the government are getting up to these days... however, I read it when I was at school (not in our exams class, but before, as a sort of preparation... mind you, our English Lit teacher was something else: nearly the whole class (barring 2 or 3 persistent absentees, so about 27 kids) passed with a Grade A at O Level... and that's when Grade A really was Grade A !

Still praying for you, Karen, especially when San Diego gets a mention on the news!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

No Animal Farm any more-it might get the kids thinking and just imagine what might happen then!!

Spain is a mess since they voted for a bunch of corrupt Communists under some idea this would save them from the Islamofascists. The logic escapes me-and the cowardice..well...horses ass indeed!

swissmiss said...

Maybe someday they will find a long lost manuscript of George Orwell that is titled, "I told you so."

gemoftheocean said...

In the UK your curricula seems more "set" meaning "government proscribed." Geared to specific GSCS, O and A levels. If for instance a book was not going to be tested on in one of those exams, is the book in question still given out for an assignment? i.e. would it be possible for student in the UK to have "gotten through the system" without having had Hamlet, or Jane Eyre, or 1984 or Waugh or anything you'd "expect" a UK student to have been exposed?

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

My kids were hardly allowed to read in school. Texts from the set books are given and then they are told how to jump through the exam hoops. It's utter crap (can I say that on your blog?)
I am so glad I am now homeschooling. The chuldren get Chesterton, Waugh, De Wohl, Tolkein...Basically interesting well written books that they would never get in school. And more importantly they have the time to READ them.

gemoftheocean said...

Dear all: Thanks for all the replies. Mac, your lit teacher sounds similar to my 11th and 12 grade teachers, Barry McGrath, and Sister Constance. Both had a fire for literature. Mr. McGrath taught American and World literature. And Sister Constance taught British lit/British Drama. I'd have to say, I didn't always realize it at the time, but both picked excellent "required reading" and had great selections for "optional required reading."

And Mac, that is a remarkable achievement for your class. It's got the hand of "Dedicated teacher" all over it. IIRC around the time you were doing O levels, perhaps 6% of all exam takers scored an A.

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