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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Fire Status, San Diego, Ct. 102507_11:16a.m.

Here is the latest news on the general conditions of the fires:

10-25-07 10:00 a.m. Evacuation Notice Lifted for Escondido.
All areas within the City of Escondido previously evacuated have been re-opened to residents.

Evacuation Notice Lifted for County’s Portion of 4S Ranch
The County of San Diego has lifted the evacuation order its portion of 4S Ranch. All of 4S Ranch is now re-opened to residents.

10-25-07 9:38 a.m. CAL FIRE provides the following update:

The Harris Fire is 81,000 and 10% contained. Full containment is estimated for October 31. Currently there are 93 engines, 16 crews, 4 helicopters (2 of which are helitankers) 3 airtankers, 2 dozers, 12 water tenders (1,611 firefighters). Fire behavior remains active in old and extremely dry fuels. The winds have returned to a normal diurnal flow (from the west). Major wind reversals in this area have caused firefighter fatalities during past incidents. There are heavy fuels and steep terrain on the northern edge of the fire. Active structure protection continues in Lyons Valley.

The Witch Fire is 197,990 acres and 20% contained. There have been 22 injuries to firefighters and it up to $5.3 million in suppression costs. Currently there 325 engines, 45 fire crews, 45 water tenders, 22 dozers (2,619 firefighters). Winds in the fire area are still variable with coastal influence returning to valleys as normal weather pattern. Warm, dry and unstable conditions still exist at the higher elevations and the eastern areas of the fire.

The Rice Fire is 9,000 acres and 30% contained with full containment expected on the 28th. Cost to date for suppressing this fire is $1,283,133. Currently there are 112 engines, 19 fire crews, 13 water tenders, 11 dozers (1,095 firefighters). Firefighters made good progress with perimeter control and structure protection. Evacuation orders still in effect for Fallbrook and outlying areas.

The Poomacha Fire is 35,000 acres and 20% contained. Cost to date for suppressing this fire is $950,000. There have been 12 injuries to firefighters. Currently we have 75 engines, 25 fire crews, 1 helicopter, 1 helitanker, 9 airtankers, 10 dozers, (859 firefighters). Firing operations were conducted but were hampered by wind shifts. Firing will continue today. Interior burning was most active within the eastern portion of the incident. Burning trees and rolling material continue to be a safety hazard to resources. Re-entry plans are being developed for displaced residents.

For latest updates see: San Diego County Emergency page -- Satellite maps available, as well as a list of known structures *in unincorportated areas of the county* lost/heavily damaged in the fires.

The seems to have the best frequent local updates.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Still praying.

Amy Giglio said...

Glad you're OK Karen!

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...


I'm so sorry to hear about the fires.
That's a very good post you linked to.
I read it with fascination and horror.
I see The President has (belatedly ?) declared a disaster area.
Does this mean federal funds are now available ?
It's difficult to comprehend these things over here in England.

I read that Greyhound had suspended services between San Diego and L.A.
That doesn't sound good.
How is the air quality in San Diego ?

I don't know about water supply.

But I do wonder why the authorities don't have in place better plans to cope with these emergencies.

Have you got yourself a smoke mask ?

I suppose we in England shouldn't moan about the rain ..

Take care.


gemoftheocean said...

thanks for the prayers guys!

Dr. Peter - don't worry about the Fed. aid. We were declared disaster areas DAYS ago. Early on the Prez did all the right things. [Despite what you heard the prez. ALSO had military assets well on their way to the Gulf days before the hurricane hit.)

Our local guys, including my PRINCE of a congressman, Duncan Hunter, and our mayor and all the local city officials were ON it. We had great 911 REVERSE calls - i.e. if your area suddenly became threatened, 911 called YOU. We've got fire companies from all over down here to help out.

The first two days of the fire planes/helos weren't able to fly with water drops or retardant. -- wind gusts up to 50-70mph in some places.

The only lack was when assets WERE available from the military some officious jackass from CA-Fire powers that be said the military guys should have CA official fire spotters - gimmee a break. Someone basically got through to the knucklehead it was his sig. or his brains on the "go-ahead and waive the requirement" order.

Evac centers were all quickly set up.
Food/water, creature comforts were all available with local corps, relief agencies and the general public stepping it up and pitching in. Virtually NO looting (2 18 year olds up in Ramona were nabbed - and they will most likely get 3 years - the DA said as much) People all looked out for each other, took in friends/family who needed taking in. I know a hospital or two that could have been effected took measures to get their people relocated early. And fire officials didn't wait until the last minute to tell people to get out -- if they knew an area had not the greatest access in the more isolated sections, they told them to get out -- because you have to wait until those areas are well clear before you can do retardant sweeps. They know what fire patterns are and didn't take chances with waiting to evacuate We got some really huge C-31 tankers in and up yesterday -- in addition to all the other air assets up, it's a real help, the "containment" looks low because the priority was on guarding structures.

Ramona (35k pop.) is still not allowed back into their town just yet --and there are some temper flare ups, apparently - they might have been told they could go back when the area isn't ready yet. Crews are working to restore electric lines -- their water pumps work on electricity. The national guard and all the sherrifs, police, etc were out in full force guarding evacuated areas. The insurance companies have set up shop at Qualcomm and elsewhere, various high schools, etc.

It really irritates the HELL out of me when people blame Katrina on Bush. they had IMBECILES for state local officials. To listen to the vile democrud party the president's job evidently involves knowing every cities personal evac plan - that's not the way it works. They were told to GET THE HELL OUT days before the hurricane hit, and that dumb&$$ Ray Nagin and his equal in idiocy gov. Mary Landrieu had their thumbs up their backsides. All those people that drowned in those ghetto hoods for lack of a way out-- no need for it -- HUNDREDS of unused school buses that got waterlogged because the dumb&$$ was too stupid to get those people on buses and OUT. Florida goes through hurricanes all the time with relatively few losing lives -- Missisippi sucked it up -- but Louisiana? Run by stupid, incompetent corrupt dumbocrats. That idiot Nagin should have been hung from a lamppost, not re-elected. Stupid is as stupid does. [okay Nagin/Landrieu rant over]

I am so proud to live here and proud of the community spirit and mutual help people showed when and looking out for each other.

As far as masks, we're pretty much staying indoors. I'm not out long enough to need to use a mask, but I bet where my friend Jim is the air is especially bad. I've got one, should it become required though.

BTW, I've had mail delivery every day.

Greyhound and Amtrac temporarily suspended service because there was a fire on the Camp Pendleton Marine base near the highway. [that one was deliberately set late Tues as a backfire, and got out of hand! -- although that seems under control!(

The 5 Freeway is open now.

All that said, we're still not out of the woods yet!

swissmiss said...

Sounds like things are FINALLY getting back to normal, at least people are being allowed back home and the winds have stopped. What a complete nightmare. And to think that arsonists do this for fun.

gemoftheocean said...

Well, compared to where we WERE. Still as of today 45,000 in san diego county still out of their homes. Mostly back country areas It will still takes some days to get all that taken care of. Ramona is having power/water "issues." Then there are all those people who've lost everythng. Went back to work today. We're working tomorrow too to help make up for being out most os the week. What passes for our diocessan website has NOTHING ON line re:the destroyed St. Bartholomew's on the Rincon Reesrvation - Fr. Stephanos on this blog referres, not by name, to others that make have been lost on other reservations. The Palomar Observatory will be closed for weeks.

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