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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Double Header

I'd like to be able to say I saved the planet, cap- tured Osama bin Laden, and ended heartbreak of psoriasis. But I didn't although I did go to the theatre twice today. One perk of being single is that if you have a hankering to do something at a given time you just go and do it.

Karen: Would you like to go to the theatre twice today?
Karen: Splendid idea.

Here's a link to a Tony Broadcast of a bit of "Forget about the Boy" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" to give you an idea of what the first was like. And suffice to say the Neil Simon's "Rumors" had enough laughs to go around for a pack of hyenas. It's a safe bet that if you go to a play and there are a lot of doors, it's going to be a funny play. TMM is running playing at a local equity house, and Rumors is ending its run at Grossmont Community College. Extremely well cast - I'd been to see it last week and came back for seconds this week.

I was delighted to run into some high school kids next to me who'd taken in the later performance. Seems their school will be putting on a production of NOISES OFF -- and I had been wishing some venue was going to be doing it locally. Two of the kids I met are playing leads and another will be stage manager. They even said that I'd better come back to say "hi" to them after the show. Such nice kids we have in our area. Too bad sometimes the "bad" kids get all the attention. Much as I love Carol Burnett, burn the movie version, the editing and direction destroyed the required sight lines - go see a live production. I don't care if someone is putting it on in his garage, just go.

There's nothing like live theatre for entertainment. I always had a laugh at Robin Williams interview on The Actor's Studio some years back: "You have a strange urge to put on other people's clothes and pretend to be them. Normally they'd lock you up, but somehow, the theatre calls."

The linked clip from TMM is 3 minutes and 42 seconds.


EC Gefroh said...

Karen, you are so funny! I love TMM (the movie)and think it would be wonderful to see it on the state.

gemoftheocean said...

It's a fun one. There's something about "Mammy" when sung in Chinese that's hysterically funny. Check out the theatre seasons of the colleges around you often times they put on some pretty good musicals and they've got a decent budget for the technical things. The ticket prices aren't bad either. Certainly no more expensive than what a movie would cost.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I too love the movie of TMM.
I'm glad you enjoyed the theatre-now then, where did you leave that bloke Bin Laden...?

My dd is much better now thank you for your prayers

gemoftheocean said...

Glad to hear your little one is better.

Honestly, once the house lights go down Osama could have sat next to me and I wouldn't have noticed. My guess is is he is holed up in some pornographic movie house in Pakistan.
I'd pick one near a hospital with a dialysis machine.

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