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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update Some Bad News, Some Better News

According to recent report, fire up in Fallbrook area (Rice fire) has burned 6100+ acres. Area isn't getting any air support yet - Palomar Mountain and La Jolla Indian Reservation area also in trouble - these fires will likely join. Right now, "they" are concentrating on the more populated areas. There are some more tankers on the way - but it's already 1p.m. and it gets dark about 6:30 now. A good friend of mine and his daughter and her family lives up in Escondido in a evacuated zone - and in the south parts of Chula Vista are threatened, another friend and her family live out that way - I don't yet know if they've had to evacuate. There has been some air support. There are a few helicopters out down there - it can drop 10 tons of water a time on a drop.

A fairly decent map which someone is updating is pretty good. Link is here. The map can be expanded.

In the county all told some 350,000 (yes that's the right amount of zeros) homes have been evacuated.

On a better note, some areas are allowing people back in - Del Mar Heights area, plus some of Poway and the Scripps Ranch area.

So far at very least 1200 homes and structures lost in the county (and they don't think they have an accurate count) - 240,000 acres have burned - it's at least as big as the Cedar fire 4 years ago.

The area shelters are fairly well provided for with individuals and corporations stepping it up with food/toiletries etc.

National Guard is deployed in evacuated areas, and other than a report of two teens looting in Ramona (who got nailed right away) there haven't been reports of looting.
The US Navy Seahawks are also assisting with water drops. Thank God for them, they have more capacity than the contracted aircraft.

Today is supposed to be make or break - the winds are supposed to die down some time tomorrow - they are still really fickle and unpredictable. All schools in San Diego unified school district will be closed through end of week.

Yesterday, one of the local reporters was reporting in the wee hours of the morning that his home had been evacuated. Some hours later he'd found out his home had burned down. He was positively heroic in keeping his chin up. "We'll rebuild, we'll get through this. It's only THINGS." They'd managed to grab the most important "things" and pack up the cars with people and pets - but most people were glad to get themselves and their animals and the most important items out. This time around communication and notification was much better - the "Reverse 911" system working fairly well. I.E. 911 calls YOU to tell you it's time to pack up and get out.

I've been through fire scares before - and when you really analyze it pretty much "everything" can be replaced - so what you end up grabbing are you, family, pets and PHOTOS, and important papers. So for all of you who can, but haven't: Scan your important photos in your computer! And keep a backup in a safe deposit box somewhere. The rest is G.R.A.V.Y.


Anonymous said...

I will pray for you all. Please keep us posted

gemoftheocean said...

Many thanks, Tim!

xxxxxx said...

what an awful thing to lose your home!!!!!I feel terribly for these people. I will pray of course!

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