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Friday, October 26, 2007

Prince of Peace Abbey Update as of 102507_1530

You can see the hybrid map of Camp Pendle-
ton and the adjacent areas of northern Oceanside and the area to the west of Benet Hill, where Prince of Peace Abbey is. I have enhanced the image here. The map was updated roughly 3:30 p.m. Thursday, 10/25/07.

The red area is a fire area on the grounds of Camp Pendleton which are being fought. The area in question is roughly a mile from Prince of Peace Abbey. The yellow diagonal line is roughly the boundary between Camp Pendleton, and the City of Oceanside (which is to the south). I've done a rough outline in light blue of the Prince of Peace Abbey, which abuts the base.

Here is a google earth overhead - taken most likely early 2006.

Last year I took a bit of video outside the Abbey - most of the buildings are of concrete block construction, and ceramic tile roofing. The clip is 13 seconds long.

The Abbey is built with mostly Concrete block and ceramic tile. The military is on the fire. Keep them in your prayers.

(The still at the top is of the outside of the church, taken 9/18/06. There are some times and situtation where building churches out of concrete blocks and ceramic tile makes sense. This is one of them!)

Update: Last fire map late Thursday night local time shows current fire area farther north in Pendelton area - i.e. further away by a "grid" or two, away from PoP Abbey.

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