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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank you Georgie

Washington, that is. I know people call it "President's day" But it isn't. Really. It's still officially "George Washington's Birthday" -- by act of congress. I wasn't thrilled about it being celebrated today, because it's only the 15....and his real birthday was later in Feb. BUT.....

....we ended up bailing from work early!!! Usually only govvie workers or associated types get a paid holiday...schools close, the mailman doesn't deliver, banks are shut....but a lot of people go to work this day.

Well, WE did too -- BUT our contact rate of customers was really low (we call on small to medium size business owners) -- so as we could scarcely get a janitor to talk to us (all the bosses tended to have taken the day off) OUR boss said "oh, the hell with it -- let's kick it." So WE clocked out at 11!!!

Is there ANYTHING better than an unexpected lunch period and afternoon off work?

It was in the Mid 70s today. FABULOUS WEATHER. [Eat your heart out.] So I took advantage and went for a swim at the Kroc Center in the early afternoon. There are 11 lanes in the competition pool, and by the time I got there there was still one left....all for MMEEEEEE~!!!!!!!!

WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! So I swam 1.5 miles. The pool was a little shaded down at one end.

So I was in just long enough to get some coloring back and some nice sunshine, but not long enough to get TOO much sun.

Perfect. Thank you, Georgie. Or I should thank your PARENTS, probably your dad in particular for getting "frisky" in the "lusty month of May"* of whatever year you were conceived in! I thank your mom for not having a headache. [And thank you for not getting your butt shot off in either the French and Indian War or the Revolutionary war, and not dying of smallpox when you were a teen and all that other stuff too.]

I'm going to see if I can find the slice of cherry pie that's calling me from a-far before I go to sleep tonight.

*[Yes, Stephen, I threw that in for you!]


Packrat said...

You are too funny. LOL But, lucky, lucky you.

Rob said...

And it was also good that the cherry tree didn't fall on him.

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