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Friday, December 11, 2009

Way to Go, ZERO!!!!!

The only one I feel sorry for in the Sordid Obominator Mess is the King of Norway.

The poor man has no say so who will recieve this questionable Nobel Peace prize. By convention, he is bound to offer Zero the niceties which have always accompanied the prize giving.

Though most of the Nobel prizes are awared by Sweden, the one prize that Norway gets to Award is the now degraded "peace prize" -- Given such dirtbags as AlBore, Arafat, an numerous other charltans have recieved this less-than-a-crackerjack "prize" -- Zero and the majority of granola crunching, one-sheet-of-toilet-paper-using, tofu eating, Volvo driving, birkenstock wearing, long haird, maggot infested creeps on the Nobel committee deserve each other.

the Children of Oslo saw that you have NO CLOTHES and NO Manners. Well, the Euro left still loves your Marxist butt -- so enjoy -- we can't wait to throw you out. Unless God smiles upon us and strikes you with a bolt of lightening and takes care of this for us. I'd consider it a personal favor to the Republic.

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