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Friday, December 4, 2009

Judge allows prolife defendents to appeal on grounds of proabortion bias

"Chicago-based Thomas More Society attorneys appeared in St. Joseph County Criminal Court today to argue for dismissal of trespass charges against pro-life advocates because campus police acted improperly. The charges were brought by local prosecutors based on complaints by University of Notre Dame security police during Obama protests last May at the University. In addition to the motion to dismiss, Thomas More Society attorney Tom Dixon argued that Judge Jenny Pitts Manier had an actual or perceived bias based on her prior rulings, her husband's outspoken criticism of Catholic pro-life teachings as a philosophy professor at Notre Dame ...." etc.

REad full story here.


The Digital Hairshirt said...

Wait a friggin' second! The judge's HUSBAND is a professor at Notre Dame and she did not recuse herself?!?! This factoid was unknown to me previously - WTF?

gemoftheocean said...


Like, duhhhhhh.

What's even more troubling is why does Notre Shame keep pissing in its own well.

They must really not give a **** and are so filled with hubris that they don't realize this does enrage good Catholics -- that they would Persue PERSECUTING prolife advocates when other demonstrators were allowed to run rampant.

I am really still ticked off that the bishop did not send the "priest" in question packing out of the diocese -- or frankly, kick out Holy Cross fathers ENTIRELY.. Screw 'em, if they're not going to discipline their own members. A "nasty letter" with no teeth isn't worth sending.

It's like threatening little Johnny "Johnny, if you don't stop poking your little sister in the eye with a sharp stick, I might really get mad, and you might have to stand in the corner." Then ignoring it.

These Notre Shame freaks need to "Get with the program."

As for the judge, apparently the phraswe "appearance of impropriety" was given NO thought, until the defense lawyers mentioned it.

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