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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Safe" Statutory Rape Paid for with Federal Tax Dollars

How 'nice.'  In California, the age of legal consent for sex is 18, and some other states also have that age.  In the vast majority of states, the legal age is 16.  Only a handful of states put the age at 14-15, in every state 12-13 would constitute statutory rape.

See full story here.

From the article:
"Teenagers in several counties can get condoms in the mail for free under a program launched this week and supported by state public health officials. The Condom Access Project allows youth between the ages of 12 and 19 to order a package of 10 condoms, lube and health brochures online at, a website run by the nonprofit California Family Health Council. The package will be mailed to them in a nondescript yellow envelope."

and further down:
"The condom program is supported by the California Department of Public Health's STD Control Branch and will be paid for with federal funds.   [In addition to Kern country] It is also available in Alameda, Sacramento and San Joaquin counties and parts of San Francisco. Teens will be limited to one package of condoms per month. 
"It'd be best if teens didn't have sex, but if they're going to do it anyway, they need to protect themselves," said Denis Smith, director of disease control for the Kern County Department of Public Health, which is not involved with the project. "As a public health department, we have an obligation to provide education and tools."
I suppose, by that logic, now we can expect 12-13 year olds to be able to discretely get free hypodermic needles because if kids are going to shoot up, we want them to be 'safe' -- and of course Uncle Sucker should continue to pick up the tab.

See here for state by state reference for age of consent.

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