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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nobama gives 1st press conference

Press eats it up. Pretty soon they will be reduced to taking "press releases" from the White House. Just like Pravda. And digi - how does it go - there is no Pravda ["Truth"] in Izvestia ["The News"] and no Izvestia in Pravda.


The Digital Hairshirt said...


PJA said...

Look how our beloved and impartial BBC (sic! on both counts) have been reporting (h/t Damian Thompson):

"Obama disappoints Iranians looking for a change in US policy", reads the link to a feature on the BBC website that describes the hate-crazed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as "quixotic" and refers only in delicate terms to the fact that the Iranian press is sneering that Obama has appointed a Jew as his chief of staff.
The US election result generated "excitement" in Iran, reports Jim Muir (though I doubt that the excitement was anything like as hysterical as the rapture in the BBC newsroom). But now Iranians "thrilled by the stunning election victory" have been disappointed by Obama's cool response to Ahmadinejad's congratulations.
I wonder what, precisely, strikes Muir as the most "quixotic" aspect of the Iranian president's personality. His Holocaust denial, perhaps, which led him to sponsor a historical conference in which models of concentration camps (complete with train sets) were laid out in order to "prove" that Nazi gas chambers did not exist?"

It's only a few years ago that Democrat Catholics were funding IRA bombs and guns which killed and maimed hundreds of UK and Irish citizens under the banner of "NorAid". Now, they vote in a baby murderer!

Adrienne said...

Well said Philip...

Gem - Too funny but oh so true!

PJA said...

How about this guy for 2012?

gemoftheocean said...

Well said Philip. And yes, I was disgusted with the peeps in largely DEMO controlled territory (San Fran, Chicago, Boston, NYC) who gave monies to Noraid.

I've known for a long time that BBC [and elements like the Guardian) would obviously be shilling for Nobama - but what really chapped my hide was the Telegraph's coverage of "the one." If I wanted to read the Guardian, I'd read the Guardian. There was one story I dropped them a line on - I inquired "just exactly when was your rag bought out by the Guardian?" It wasn't even an op/ed piece - opposing view and all that - it was an alleged "news article." I see TODAY somewhere they're trotting out "well, ever since Sarah Palin attacked Obama over his terrorist friends, the FBI said Nobama's "**th threats" have spiked."

So now it's Sarah's fault for mentioning that in common with Osama bin Laden Nobama has "close personal friends" who've bombed the Pentagon.

PJA said...

"The Serpent beguiled me..." No one is safe from that smooth-talking man.

The great thing about Palin, was that she was "normal". She was an ordinary person who, when interviewed, showed her human side and not the scripted face of most politicians. What really upsets me now is that some people (and I don't think it would be M) in the McCain camp are blaming her for the Obama victory. However, didn't her entry as running mate put McCain in the lead?! She can't be blamed for the economy.

The trouble with the USA, the UK, etc; the people can't tell fact from fiction. They spend too much time watching soap operas and they start to believe they're real. No one in their right mind would vote for a paedophile, so why vote for someone who believes that children can be murdered in (or out) of the womb?

The Germans made the same mistake in 1930 and we in the UK did in 1997. In the UK, nothing is sacred thanks to our "New" Labour government. If you are a Catholic and pro-life woman politician in New Labour, then you are the most hated of people, from within your own party. The same will happen to "pro-life" Democrats. You cannot serve two masters.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I had better things to do than watch Nobama talk...:), like sleep ;)

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