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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can the brown shirts and red kerchiefs be far behind?

if this Alinsky disciple of Satan gets in?

Get that? "we've got to have a civilian security force JUST as funded, JUST as strong [as the military.]" [Hey, why not, your little future Nobama Jungen can be used to spy on mom and dad to ensure they are following the party line.]

What kind of song will the feckless sheeple be teaching their children to sing regards the "dear leader?" God in heaven, let this man NEVER take office.


Mark said...

Living in the UK, I first became aware of Obama when he kicked off his campaign with a mass rally in Berlin in front of 200,000 worshipping and borderline hystrerical Germans.

The reporter from the Obama-loving BBC remarked, almost with a tear in her eye, and without the slightest trace of irony, that Berlin hadn't witnessed scenes like this at a political rally during our lifetimes.

Well, yes, actually, it witnessed quite a few such scenes during the lifetimes of anyone over the age of seventy, and, while it would be tasteless and inappropriate to make comparisons between Obama and some of the "saviours" and "leaders" that Europe has embraced over the last hundred years, there are aspects of the man which I find, frankly, sinister and scary.

gemoftheocean said...

thanks - I don't know if you saw the news reports of 3 reporters getting kicked off his campaign plane within days of the election simply because their newspapers endorsed McCain: WashingtonTimes, New York Post, and a Dallas paper. Thinned skin sniveling little man-paranoid if the world isn't for him 100%. Is this what we can expect? The sickening part is the OTHER reporters gutless to criticize this move, lest they not be in the Nobama magic circle.

The so called 4th estate DID NOT DO ITS job in propping this Messiah up.

I'm taking note of Nobama supporters. If their little man gets in I will remind them for now and forever more whose fault it was.

gemoftheocean said...

And Mark, no, you're not being "Tasteless" in noting the comparison.

It says a lot when a US candidate has Hugo Chavez, Castro, Hamas, and
Hezbollah rooting for him. And sorry, but stupid Jews who are in the tank for this man who say: "Never again" will have this directly on their heads if the arab street explodes against Israel.

I wasn't kidding about the list I made either. A segment of the population will riot either way. If he wins, the idiots who riot over victories may well. And if he loses even more will riot because the in-the-tank feckless media assured them their boy would win in a blowout, ergo if he loses the election was "stolen." Bring it on, brown shirts.

Mark said...

Thanks for all the info on the increasingly scary Obama...

One of the many things that scares me is the way voters interviewed on TV speak of Obama as a "saviour".

One expects that kind of nonsense from continental Europeans, who have an unfortunate track-record of investing all their hope and trust in some "saviour" or "leader" figure who will (they vainly hope) solve all their problems for them, but I've always regarded Americans and the British as inherently resistant and antipathetic to that kind of mentality.

I guess that the vast majority of Americans are still like that, but that they've been, in effect, lied to by the media so much that they genuinely don't know what kind of man Obama is or what he stands for.

Incidentally, what is it that Obama is supposed to be "saving" America from?

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Indeed. History, I fear, is repeating itself with Obama.

Did you catch my literary reference about this same topic?

Terry Nelson said...

I think the Farrakhan's Nation of Islam has a civilian security force... creepy.

Peter said...

I think that video is talking about diplomats, not brownshirts in the streets.

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