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Thursday, August 21, 2008

RI Bishop should mind his own beeswax

...and not interfere with the very legitimate attempts to deport ILLEGAL aliens. [And the hell with the politically correct calling them "undocumented workers."] According to an AP story, RI bishop Thomas Tobin, has been whinnying that the US Immigrations and Custom Enforcement, has actually been doing its job (finally!) by rounding up illegals and shipping them out. Bishop Tobin has claimed that INS workers should be able to "opt out" of doing this on "moral grounds."




This IS a case of rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's.

NO ONE asked these people to come here illegally. THEY were the ones who broke the law in the first place!

I love how some of these hippy bishops expect the US taxpayer to educate illegal alien children on the taxpayer's dime. Does HE in his wildest dreams think that ordinary Catholics in the pew would respond well to exhortations to educate these children "for free" in the CATHOLIC schools? HELL NO, because he knows parishioners would tell the bishop where to go and what to do with himself when he got there! But he'll tell these same people in the pews that they MUST educate them in the public schools (where does he think the money comes for from that?) and they MUST accept these illegals in the system thereby artificially deflating wages being paid.

They MUST accept the extra crime, they MUST accept the higher cost of housing. (Guess what bishop, there's this thing called supply and demand.... see when more people flood an area, and assuming they don't all live in tent city, that means unless you are building like crazy, the existing housing stock has more call on it ... when something is more in demand the price goes UP -- for EVERYBODY. Like Mrs. Murphy, living on a fixed income....)

He wants to make a stand about morality in these issues?

How about this:

1) take it out of the hide of the "coyotes" who transport these people over here in unsafe conditions and take all their money to get here

2) take it out on the employers who hire these people at rates no decent American would take because Americans aren't willing to live 20 people to one room so they can get paid 2 bucks an hour under the table by some scum sucking employer who wants to cut corners and artificially drive the wage scale down of the legitimate working man/woman.

3) take it out on the governments of where these people come from in the first place for having NO REGARD for their own citizen's welfare

What about concern for US citizens WHO NO LONGER HAVE A HOSPITAL NEARBY to go to because it had to close its doors because of illegal aliens BUSTING the system with not only emergency care (which ALL hospitals, rightly, are to supply) but using the emergency room as a "Free clinic" every time Junior gets the sniffles. I suppose the bishop will send the following note of condolence: "I'm sorry your loved one had to go an extra 10 miles and died on the way over there, because the hospital that was 2 miles away had to close its doors." Yeah, in a pig's eye.

And before you say "this never happens" like hell it doesn't.

4) how about regard for all the people victimized by the crimes of the illegal aliens directly? Battery, rape, murder, theft? What about OUR rights not to be preyed upon by these people? We have enough criminals of our own. Or is the bishop claiming that the illegal aliens are only doing crimes Americans won't do themselves?

Then the bishops wonder why people think the USCCB isn't worth the ice water they drink at their conferences.

This gem from the USCCB which is taken from the news story:

"The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has called U.S. immigration policies "morally unacceptable," saying they keep families divided and encourage the exploitation of migrants."

Ah-HEM....reminded me who "divided" the family in the first place. Remind me who put THEMSELVES in a position to be exploited. Would that be the illegal alien?

We have PLENTY of LEGAL immigrants, and they are most welcome, as they have played by the rules. Who wants illegals who come here on bad faith to begin with on the grounds that they assume Uncle Sucker will willingly submit to "reconquista?" Oh, right. Tobin and his fellow travelers.


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Maybe we should cut RI off the the US coastline and let it sink quietly into the Atlantic....

gemoftheocean said...

And as long as we have the knife out, Massachusetts can go with it!!!

Adrienne said...

I'll have to agree with everything you've said. I get livid when I see our Diocesan newspaper printed half in Spanish. If they really cared about these people they would make them learn English so they could fully participate in the economy (the legals, that is). Oh right - they don't have to participate - we give it to silly of me.

I will never forget the sight of them protesting in CA carrying Mexican flags.

gemoftheocean said...

I hear you, Adrienne. I'm NOT against illegals being fed in St.Vincent de Paul centers and the like - that's basic humanity and all who give to that charity give freely.

But these bishops turn a blind eye to real immorality. When was the LAST time you heard one of them speak out on the coyotes who do human traffic? Living near the border, many times during the course of the year do we hear of death and serious injuries happening due to some piece of scum packing 40 people in to a van and riding like hell to avoid "la migra" only to slam into some family or someone just trying to get to or from work. Has the bishop said ONE WORD? No. Of course not.

I would not dream of presuming I could just go to any country I please for as long as I want and get handed freebie benefits.
But millions have invaded, carried their own countries flags in protest if uncle sucker doesn't immediately give them what they want .. and then they have the nerve to try and pull the "you must be a racist" card.

Rob said...


swissmiss said...

Your post was fairly timely...we just had a woman in the country illegally from Guatemala who was living in a small community west of the Twin Cities. School bus driving down a quiet country road gets broadsided by said woman who is here illegally, driving without a license, has been convicted of prior crimes but State cops cannot tell Federal cops or immigraton about her, runs a stop sign and kills four kids. At least the jury got it right and convicted her of 28 counts of things ranging from Criminal Vehicular Homicide to driving without a license. Feds got involved this time because she had so many aliases no one could figure out who the heck she was and they needed the Feds to dredge up her identity. Think she will be deported when she's done with her sentence this time, but why does it take killing four kids before the system is forced to deal with this?

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

I hereby nominate Karen for a job at the USCCB. It is a new position: coordinatrix of head slapping. She will be responsible for smacking bishops upside the head when they do things like this.

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

If she gets the job I'll provide a hammer for the head smacking. I was going to suggest a 5 lb. sledge but those numbskulls are so thick that I'd better go with a 25 lb. one.

gemoftheocean said...

"coordinatrix of head slapping"

I like it - I might even get some business cards made up. It's not very often the female version of a given occupation sounds dashing, (e.g. "poetess" - ugh) - but this one is in the same category as "aviatrix." Quite the thing!

Will an electric cattle prod do? I mean, just for the really tough carcasses?

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

This seems appropriate to the topic ("Hasan CHOP!!!")

gemoftheocean said...

aa: that is a hoot. Daffy was always a favorite of mine - unabashedly greedy and selfish to the core...ditto Bugs. "Mr. Laidback."

"shoulda turned right at La Jolla...."


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I completely agree, whatever happened to the part of the Catechism that states that the laws of the land should be followed?

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