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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Close, but no cigar, Johnny

Is this piling on? Probably, but John Edwards is still a potential candidate on the Veep side of the Democrat ticket this year.

The following from the fabulous bitchiosity [and I mean that in a good way] of Ms. Ann Coulter, slayer of dumbass liberals, and uberforce of the right, from her most recent column:

" The good news: DNA testing has confirmed that John Edwards is not the father of Rielle Hunter's baby.

The bad news: The father is Bill Clinton.

Ha ha -- just kidding! It's almost impossible to get pregnant by having the type of sex Bill Clinton prefers. "

Read the whole column to see the tremendous swipe she took at Ted Kennedy, and his nephew.


EC Gefroh said...

ha ha ha. Seriously, I really feel for Elizabeth Edwards. She and her children are in my prayers.

gemoftheocean said...

She was light on Edwards compared to what she said about dear Teddy and family!

[And the worst of it was it was true....]

Adrienne said...

John Edwards is finito!

swissmiss said...

I kind of miss Gary Hart. By comparison to Bill Clinton and John Edwards, he looks pretty tame. John Edwards' actions are disgusting. His "momentary lapse of judgment" could be due to a perpetual lack of character. When my mother had cancer, the last thing on my father's mind was looking around for a hoochy mama!

What's that they say about pride and the fall??!!

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