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Friday, March 16, 2012

Little House on the Prairie meets the Horsecollar

Okay, so I'm in a bitchy mood today.  But Really.    Mrs. C. normally doesn't go this far off kilter -- but what in hell was she thinking?   As far as I know she is not a Mennonite on rumspringa, and her budget for fabric should extend a little further than JCPenny.  I didn't even know JC Penny carried fabric, but apparently they do.   And Moochie.  Ah, well.  The one time the gown is quite acceptable ... what is with that horsecollar of a blue mess around her neck? Is that a disguised millstone?  Moochie, honey.  Less is more.  Try a nice double strand of pearls next time.  And the hemlines.  Oh.  Dear.  It's a wonder that neither of them walked up the inside of their  dresses.

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