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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Side benefit number 703 to being Catholic

Last night a friend of mine went down to church for adoration and Mass. After Mass we ran into two nice women, Kathleen and Jeanne from Tehachapi (California) [out in the boonies to most of us in Ca., except for people living there] who were in town for the pro-life conference given at San Diego State University today. Jeanne had lived in San Diego County before, so was somewhat familiar with some of the places and parishes we knew.

They'd wanted to know how to get to the Little Italy area to go to dinner. Then they started asking us about the church and the Mass there. Upshot of it was we all went out to dinner together and had a great time at Mona Lisa. On the drive over there, my friend, Julia, who considers herself NOT a good mixer, was anxious she'd have enough to talk about. How wrong she was! The 4 of us chatted like we'd known each other for years. I think pretty much ANY practising Catholics would find something to converse about.

Catholics take on all comers, and we sometimes "forget" the word means "universal." Kathleen is new to the Latin Mass and I'd told her about the posting I did on my other blog regards Latin Mass for "dummies" guide, so I'm going to mail her the link, and in turn she has some really neat pics of Tehachpie that she showed me that were still in her camera. She and Jeanne had also travelled back east to Buffalo and Cleveland to see Fr. Corapi of EWTN fame and also the Shrine of St. Anne's.

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