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Saturday, August 14, 2010

At Mass

Sometimes when I go to the later morning Mass these 3 boys, looking for all the world like they are throwbacks to my 1964 3rd grade class, show up looking bright as pennies to sit in the front row next to me.

And "they" tell me kids won't put up with the latin Mass.
I don't know if they had fun playing "Spot the error" the other morning. I did also note that 5 mothers had brought their infants in arms...which will make in future for an expanding and sustainable parish.


Adrienne said...

Gemmie - saying kids won't put up with Latin Mass is such a crock. When we go to the thriving FSSP chapel, the kids all look like your photo. They are quiet and engaged in the Mass. The younger ones have their own little missals and pay attention to Mommy when she quietly says shhhhhh.

Compared to the disengaged and bored kids at a typical NO parish they are saints in the making!

gemoftheocean said...

Absolutely. These three sat down about 50-10 minutes before mass, and quietly looked at the little missals they had. two had the missals that are in the pews and one had a little childrens missal. They didn't talk or whispher to each other, but leafed through their mass books. Their "adult(s)" were some rows behind them. Two of the three went to Communion, I don't think the other one is old enough.

They didn't really use the missal at mass, but their eyes never strayed from what was going on.

I expect they were watching the two altar boys, trying to memorize their movements.

Telesia said...

"Let's play spot the error"...Ok..the altar servar should be on the left side of the priest.

gemoftheocean said...

Telesia, nope (there IS one, actually, on both sides of him, though admittedly the one to the priest's left is hard to see, them being at the server's confiteor.

This one isn't too hard. Try again. [Though you would be right if there was only one server.)

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