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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Helen, your Anti-Semite slip is showing...

Somewhere there's a village missing a witch with a capital "B."

Not surprising about the batty old broad. I guess she's just sad Hitler never got a chance to finish the job.

Update: DING-DONG -- Helen, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. See ya, toots.


Mike said...

I listened to what this lady had to say. What she said was that the Israelis are occupying the land of Palestine and should get out of it. What exactly is anti-Semitic about that?

This post is typical of the idea that if you criticise the actions of the Israeli Government you are somehow anti-Semitic. Crikey, I’ve been criticising the actions of British government for years – I must be anti-British.

As for her suggestion that Jews should go back to Germany, Poland or wherever they came from it seems to me to be very reasonable to suggest that people who occupy (Palestinian) land illegally should go back to where they came from. And if they came from Poland then why should they not go back to Poland?

Or should all those nice Hispanics who get across the Mexican-US border illegally just be told to stay in the USA now they have got there? Or do you, in fact, argue that they should be sent back to Mexico, Nicaragua, or wherever as soon as possible?

gemoftheocean said...

a) If all Israelis leave there is no Israel. Which is what the Arabs want.

b) IF you were born in Israel, where the **** are you SUPPOSED to go? It's stupid to pretend that most Israelis aren't Jewish. MOST Israelis were born in Israel. They don't belong to Germany or Poland any more than Icelandic people are "from" deepest darkest AFrica.

c) Helen Thomas is the daughter of LEbanese immigrants, and the old bat is quite old enough to know about the holocaust -- suggesting that decendents of people who got the **** out of Germany and Poland precisely because their relatives were gassed and cremated there is SICK and anti-Semitic. The old broad clearly doesn't like Jews and frankly doesn't seem to care that she is giving the impression that she wouldn't have cared a whit one way or the other had Hitler managed to cremate all the Jews on earth.

As far as illegal Mexicans/ would behoove you to remember the treaty of Hidalgo, etc. Any Hispanic actually born here IS a US citizen according to the constitution.

Knock yourself out with the fact that the Mexican government is a lot harder on illegal Nicaraguans to THEIR country than we are to illegals in the US. For instance you won't find illegals to Mexico getting free education and "free" health care enoough to break the back of emergency room services to the point of hospitals having to be shut down.

Open your eyes to who these "humanitarians" are that are "helping" the people in Gaza - they are cover for terrorist operatives.

I guess you just don't give a crap that Hammas in Gaza has fired some 4000 plus rockets into Israeli-- you just want those Jews to die -- you leftist panty wetters seem to turn a blind eye when the Arabs are aggressors. And leftist silence on North Korea attacking South Koreans was duly noted.

So pretend all you like about the "evil" of Israel. Some of us know better re: who is evil.

It's ugly to see virulent anti-semitism in Europe and the American left - by and large because they should be educated enough to know better. I literally feel like throwing up when I hear that smug old bat Helen Thomas chip that the "Israelis should go back to Germany and Poland" -- as if they were a) "From there" and b) as if she were unaware of what happened there within her own lifetime.

And I hate the eurotrash antisemite prattling on at cocktail parties in the same vein as well.

The current Mexican president is a complete idiot and hypocrite.

Incidently, if other countries didn't want to recognize Israel as a country then they shouldn't have done so, should they? Given that the ABabs would be quite happy to nuke Israel if they could get away with it, it's pointless to pretend this is anything other than anti-Semitism at its nastiest.

At least the Jews know who their enemies are. Never again.

Helen Thomas dropping off the face of the earth, and her filthy anti-semitic like minded Arab buddies can do the same. And that goes for ALL supporters of terrorism.

These leftwing antisemites are poison.

I will never forget the Palesinian filth who jumped up and down with glee on 9/11. If they want to mind their own business and stop killing innocent people, fine. But they shouldn't blow up busses of school children, and they can start acting civilized by not blowing themselves up in marketplaces taking the innocents with them.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and as to the legality of the blockade and "poor ickle starving Hammas supporters" getting their food -- you might try "this article" and follow the links.

They just can't have food and rockets. But frankly, you anti-semities don't give a flip about the rockets.

Dominic Mary said...

muddled thinking, I fear.

It's perhaps just happenstance that it is today - Monday Week 10 - that the First reading in the Office of Readings is Joshua 1 : 1-18 . . . the passage in which God explicitly gives that land to the people of Israel.

Who, precisely, are you suggesting has the right to decide that God was wrong ?

gemoftheocean said...

Yes, and the company that handled her speaking engagements dropped her as a client, as well as a high school who had her scheduled to do their commencement address.

Apparently, Helen forgot that there are quite a few people who pay her salary who just might be a tad offended that it's not such a hot idea that Israeli Jews "return" to Germany and Poland where they "belonged."

Glad the old bat fell on her own sword.

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