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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Latin Mass For Dummies

Over on my other blog, Bury me Not on the Lone Prairie, I've just posted an item regards the Latin Mass. This breaks things down step by step in a convenient reference. Years ago, Treasure Chest Magazine, of late and happy memory had series on the Latin Mass. Though the articles were written for youngsters, the average adult could probably find a thing or two about the Mass they didn't know. There's a lot of history thrown in. I've given a few tips for first time Latin Mass goers, and I've given some links that make it easy to get to the 1st pages of the articles. Each part of the Mass is was broken out in a different article.

Even if you NEVER intend to go anywhere near a Latin Mass, you might still find the articles of intrest -- just to learn about the history and development in different parts of the Mass. Where I thought a term might be unfamiliar, or had notes about that part of Mass - I put a little explanation after the date the article was published. Any plugs most welcome.

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