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Monday, September 6, 2010

St. Anne's Rectory Now a Canonical House

Meant to post this much sooner. Earlier this year, Fr. Berg, the Superior General of the FSSP was out, with permission of the local Ordinary to perform Confirmations using the older Tridentine ritual. At that time he'd asked for permission to establish a canonical house for the order.

Permission was granted Mid-August. This is huge. What it means is that the FSSP is now permanently established in San Diego, and a future bishop can not tell the FSSP to "take a hike." In other words, the FSSP will always have a permanent home in San Diego. The rectory will now be called St. Joachim House.

The parish is coming together nicely. It had been a disused parish (having consolidated with a neighboring one in 2006.) In the fall of 2008 St. Anne's was given over to the care of the FSSP under the direction of Fr. Gismondi. Early last spring, a nearby house was up for sale and the parish was able to come up with enough money for a downpayment for the property, and has over the course of a year been doing repairs. Mid October it will finally be finished to where the parish offices can be moved there, as well as have additional classroom space for catechism, meetings, etc.

[St. Joachim is the name traditionally given as the husband of St. Anne, so that's why the rectory is now named after him.]

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