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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cow Parade

Meant to put these beauties up last June, but I finally whistled and the cows came home. These were lounging around Liberty Station in San Diego.


Dominic Mary said...

What fun !

I particularly like the cow with elephants : I shall have to go and see if there's an elephant with cows on it in London at the moment !

me said...

Very colourful!

gemoftheocean said...

Yes, these gals were fun!

Throughout San Diego, "they" have been painting electrical supply boxes as well. They are "themed" to the different parts of town.

For instance up near San Diego State U. there are some electrical boxes painted with pics of football players, cheerleaders, band members. By point Loma, (ie. near the water) there are ones with an ocean theme, and so on throughout the city.

Because they are spread out all over (and not every electrical box is done by any means) they are a little harder to collect, but I think I have enough to put up some.

I like city art like this. Whimsical and fun to look at. I hate cities that have artwork that looks like it was created by smug "this is way over your head and why you think it's ugly, but we sophisticates see a piece of rusted metal that looks like the insides of a diseased yak to you which to us is the zenith of good taste and the escutcheon of all that is right in the world. You will never be one of us."

Give me art for the unwashed herd any day.

Unknown said...

Love these cows,I saw more of these in L.A.

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